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This is your brain on food

A fascinating account of the effect of food on your brain.


Cities are Bad for Us – Parks and Gardens can Help

How the city hurts your brain

A selection of great city gardens:

London > Kensington Gardens >St James Park >Hyde Park

Paris > Many to choose from

New York > Central Park

Singapore > Singapore Botanic Gardens

Melbourne > Royal Botanic Gardens

Under Pressure: The Search for a Stress Vaccine

Fascinating account of the search to understand stress and, perhaps, to have a cure for it.


Sniff-detector allows paralysed people to write messages, surf the net and drive a wheelchair

In Israel’s Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, the patient known as LI1 is a prisoner of her own body. She is a 51-year-old woman who was paralysed by a stroke several months ago. Suffering from “locked-in syndrome”, she is completely aware but unable to move or speak. She cannot even control the blinks of her eyes. And yet LI1 has recently been able answer questions from her doctors and communicate with her family through written messages. All she has to do is sniff.


How to prevent memory loss

Several ways to help your brain work better