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The rise and fall of quicksand

Whatever happened to quicksand? It has not featured in movies for a long time. Tabloids have ceased concocting stories about scantily-clad females trapped in it. Has it ceased to exist?
This article from Slate has an amusing slant on it.

What is quicksand?…and can you drown in it?

These images are most likely faked. You should now know why.


To the Supercave

Entrance to Cheve Cave

Exploring the world’s deepest caves is often described as the subterranean equivalent of climbing the highest mountains. It’s an apt comparison, as there are more than a few similarities between speleological expeditions and high altitude mountaineering. Both typically require vertical climbing, for instance, and both manifest the ever-present threat of falling to one’s death, being crushed by rock (or ice), or getting swept away by a flash flood (or avalanche). But if anything, venturing deep below the earth’s surface is even more stressful, because caves are invariably dark, wet, and drafty (imagine being sequestered in a pitch-black room, soaking wet, with an air-conditioner blowing on you, for days or weeks at a time), and often deafeningly loud (imagine the sound of a thundering waterfall confined to an enclosed space). Never mind the often unseen threats—rabid bats, venomous snakes, fist-sized spiders, and microbes that cause horrific afflictions like histoplasmosis and leishmaniasis.

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