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McDonald’s Hamburgers Don’t Age

I once flew to the UK, leaving a so-called English Muffin on the kitchen bench. On return after two months it looked and felt exactly the same as when fresh.

Now, a simple research project shows that McDonald’s hamburgers don’t decay.


This is your brain on food

A fascinating account of the effect of food on your brain.

Health and the sex ratio

The mere presence of women seems to bring health benefits to men

Acupuncture — Placebo Or Treatment?

The New York Times has an excellent reputation for its articles on science and medicine.
Here is some important criticism of an article on acupuncture.

Patented Pork?

Monsanto, not content with patented seeds conferring resistance to its herbicides is attempting to patent the process of feeding genetically engineered soybeans to be fed to pigs. The aim being to cause omega-3 fatty acids to be produced in the meat.

Cities are Bad for Us – Parks and Gardens can Help

How the city hurts your brain

A selection of great city gardens:

London > Kensington Gardens >St James Park >Hyde Park

Paris > Many to choose from

New York > Central Park

Singapore > Singapore Botanic Gardens

Melbourne > Royal Botanic Gardens

You are what you eat in trillions of ways

We depend on a special organ to digest the food we eat and you won’t find it in any anatomy textbook.

The Prius won’t fry your brains (but watch your ankles!)

If you’re worried about EMF radiation, then worrying about hybrids might make a degree of sense.

The Raw-Milk Deal

Pure-food worshippers put their health at risk—especially when they drink
unpasteurized milk

What are the health and environmental impacts of deodorants?

Deodorants may be bad for you and the planet