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The rise and fall of quicksand

Whatever happened to quicksand? It has not featured in movies for a long time. Tabloids have ceased concocting stories about scantily-clad females trapped in it. Has it ceased to exist?
This article from Slate has an amusing slant on it.

What is quicksand?…and can you drown in it?

These images are most likely faked. You should now know why.


Patented Pork?

Monsanto, not content with patented seeds conferring resistance to its herbicides is attempting to patent the process of feeding genetically engineered soybeans to be fed to pigs. The aim being to cause omega-3 fatty acids to be produced in the meat.

B.F Skinner and Gambling

I have a copy of B.F. Skinner’s Of Freedom and Dignity. I can’t locate it right now, but somewhere in there he postulates that if the government ran enough lotteries there would be no need for taxes! In the light of The Economist articles, comments please.

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